Blogger note – If this keeps up? I’m going to break a record of being the citizen most arrested by the Fredericton Police Force.

I’m tired but I must write my experience of what happened yesterday. Many citizens couldn’t believe what happened at the New Brunswick Legislature.

It was raining but I was walking around with my umbrella. I was looking for a certain Minister to asks a question about the Bicycle helmet law.

One Government official approached me and told me that Margaret Ann Blaney was going to resign her seat and talk Elizabeth Weir old job.


I wasn’t sure of what to do? I got the News one hour before the media knew anything about it. Should I go home and blog it??

I decided that I was going to go by the New Brunswick Legislature and take a picture and video of Margaret Ann Blaney.

Here’s a funny video –

I believe this is the best one –

My pictures are going to the Provincial Archives so therefore a video of her while leaving and giving me her views would be a better blog. In 100 years from now, these videos and pictures are going to be priceless.

It was windy and raining but this Journalist was determine to stick around and get his story.

My God? I’m sure Margaret Ann Blaney would be all pretty up for the occasion and I might get my picture taken with her?


I have known her for 12 years and it would be the right thing to do.

MLA’S walked by and they were surprised that I knew the Energy Minister was quitting. I told them the Blogger knows everything!!…:P

I was practicing taking pictures of people walking in and out so my camera would be all ready.

I was told that Margaret was giving her News Conference and she would be out shortly!!

I got a Flashback of the last time I did this. I was waiting for Shawn Graham to leave because it would be the last picture ever taken of Shawn being Premier leaving the House.


I was approached by Fred L’Oiseau!!! He wanted me to leave until Abel LeBlanc came into the action!!

Click below –

I put my head down and I quickly noticed two security Goons walking towards me and they had a VERY hateful expression on their face.

As in the past, they would stand back and asked me to leave the premises.

This time the security grabbed me by the shoulder and they were joined by a short female.

I told the goons not to touch me!!!!

It was a little louder than this which happened last year when Dan Bussieres wanted to charge me with assault!!!

Click below –

The plain clothes woman with no ID and told me she was a member of the Fredericton Police Force.

I answered – Fredericton Police Force??? Bring an R.C.M.P. officer here.

The goons insisted that I go to the sidewalk. I explained that I’m here to take a picture of Margaret Ann Blaney for my blog and I been here over 1,000 time so why are you people bothering me now???

They weren’t in a mood for a debate so they began to pushed me towards the sidewalk.

I was concentrating on the video on my camera while raising my voice to let people know what was going on??

I didn’t know that security guards could grabbed an innocent citizen taking pictures?

I knew the area was full of videos but they just film. My videos got the voices!!!!

This Blogger had everything in his camera. I don’t know what happened but we ended against the wall of the New Brunswick Legislature. Then I came face to face Tyrant Dan Bussieres.


He began shouting at me that I was going to be charge with assault!!!

I said – Assault??? Those two guys grabbed me!!!! I was minding my own business and these goons attack me!!

I might add that I heard a snap in my shoulder.

My God??? Jody Carr was going to announce that day a law against Bullying!! Maybe he should focus on bullying on the ground of the Legislature first??

Dan Bussieres was very upset and they escorted me at the sidewalk.

A Police Officer came to the scene and it was a female. Lately I have been having a very difficult time with Female Cops.

The woman asked me to remove my sunglasses so she could see my eyes?

Maybe she believe that I was drunk or on drugs?

The area was full of noise. People screaming and I noticed Global Television, Shawn Berry and L’acadie Nouvelle came into the action.

Shawn Berry was taking all kinds of pictures!


Kevin from Global News was there also!!


I said to myself – This is great because if the Cops assaults this Blogger? The media would be present.

Dan Bussieres came and began shouting at me in front of the Cop!!!! They pushed him back and told him to calm down.

Then suddenly three Police Cruisers came to the scene with the siren and lights on.

A crowd began to gather to watch the action. The female cop asked the plain clothe Cop to get inside and asked of what charge I should be charged with???

Then Dan Bussieres came to the sidewalk and began shouting at me again . I just put the camera in his face and asked – Are you having a bad day Dan???

Very strange!!! I have been here over 1,000 time so why are you arresting me now???

The woman came from the Legislature and told the cop that I should be arrested with assault!!!

I replied – Why don’t you charge those two security guy who assaulted me???

I also added that the Cops were making big making working overtime at the Legislature so therefore you won’t believe me anyway???

The Cop that I’m certain worked there and must be a good friend of L’oiseau, Stafford and others. She didn’t want to hear my story and order me under arrest.

Freedom??? Yeah right!!! It was to her discretion and I’m certain she will be paid lots of overtime money!!!


I told them that I would like to talk to someone en Francais and sure enough a guy came to the scene and it was UN QUEBECOIS!!!!

Grrrrrr………Is there any Acadians in this City would love a job as a Cop???

I told the guy that I didn’t understand his Francais so lets speak English.

The cop decided to handcuff me. It’s funny that they didn’t handcuff me in 2009 when I was arrested at the Legislature with the same charge.

I told them that my shoulder hurts so if they mind handcuff me in front? They did.

Then began the ride to the Police Station.

Once there, I was located to my old spot in the lobby area.

I said to myself – These guys hate my guts and I wonder who’s going to lead this investigation.

Sure enough it was this guy who came to my place believing that I was going to commit suicide a few weeks ago.

The procedure must be followed so they asked me if I had a lawyer?

I told the Cops that I had no lawyer!!!

They escorted me to a phone and a lawyer told me not to tell them anything……

I knew that was a waste of time. We need a mental Councillor at that Police Station.


Of course, my arm was hurting so I asked for some medical assistance.

They told me the conversation was being videoed. I said – I’m not responsible for what I’m saying because I have ADHD and I often speak before thinking!!!

So there I was surrounded by my enemies and they were more happy to charge me with a very serious charge of Assault.

There was my camera on the desk and I asked – Can I see if my videos are in there???

The Cop told me that I would not have my camera, battery and memory card till my trial.

I’m sure they are going to delete the evidence because I can’t prove if they are in there…. Gestapo Police Force????? Sigghhh….

They had to make certain that all procedures were followed and one of those was to read my rights.

En Francais??? This Quebecois came to the scene and began reading…He said I was charger of fa fais???

A fa fais???

I quickly answered – What are you saying??? Fa Fais???

He told me that was Quebecois for assault!!!

I have never heard that in my life… Come on…..Tu es charger avec Assault!!!!

Sigh…I agreed to have my rights in English!!!!

I noticed many people in plain clothes talking in other rooms so they must have gotten orders from Dan Bussieres to pursue these charges.


Hey? They want to make extra money at the New Brunswick Legislature? They must follow his Fascist ways!!!!


The ambulance came and put a pack on my shoulder. They took my blood pressure and it was high.

Then came the moment where I will be release with conditions. The last time I was arrested at the Legislature in 2009. The wanted me to sign papers that I couldn’t contact any MLA’S till my trial. Of course I refuse to sign the papers and they backed off.

But this time the Cops were determine to jail the Blogger for a few years and that was that!!!

They told me that one condition was that I couldn’t contact any staff from the New Brunswick Legislature!!!

Of course I knew this was a trick conditions because this would include the MLA’S!!

I told them that you better bring me to jail in Saint John because I’m not signing that!!

I demanded the presence of a lawyer!!! They refuse because they told that I already talk to a lawyer….

I wanted a lawyer present NOW!!!!

I taught about the Lawyer Steven Foulds and they couldn’t locate his name.


So there I was with a Gestapo Style of Police Force with no mental Councillor or lawyer present!!!


This is how this Gestapo squad works…they give you a lawyer via a phone at the beginning but they refuse to grant you one later…..very sad!!!!

I knew that I would be spending hours or days in jail so I may as well fight for my rights now and not from a jail cell.

They changed the condition to Security Staff from the Legislature. I’m not allowed to talk to the security staff at the Legislature….I don’t talk to them anyway….

The other condition was not to be on the ground of the Legislature.

I told them that I couldn’t sign that because I’m a journalist and I cover protests and issues at the Legislature. As a matter of fact? I was there to cover the Right to life protest yesterday.

They didn’t seem to care for my freedom of speech. They said that I would be allowed to cover a protest from the sidewalk.

I refuse to sign the papers and told them that I wanted a lawyer!!!!

The Sgt asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital?

My shoulder was hurting and I knew the Cops were going to bring me to jail and cut off my medications as they did the last time.

So maybe I could have my medications at the hospital and my shoulder truly hurt.

The SGT began to be very upset with me because I was faking he said. My arms were crossed so therefore I was faking.

I said to myself – This is the same guy who decides to will commit suicide and be sent to the mental ward?? Sigh……


He added – You mean that you’re going to spend the Police Department resources on you???? Earlier when I asked for an ambulance he said – I hope no real emergencies happens in this City while they are taking care of you!!!!

He tried to give me the guilty trip but I wouldn’t bite!!!

I wouldn’t sign the papers so I knew that I would be escorted to a cell.

I put my Blogger jacket on while my arm was in a sling. I sat in the back of the ambulance with a female medical staff.

The female cop sat in front and said – I don’t believe you will assault the female Mr.LeBlanc! It’s safe to have you right in the back alone with her?

Of course and I thanked her not to handcuff and have shackles on my legs.

Once in the hospital, I was escorted trough the hospital while people looked and many must have heard of the battle between the Blogger and the Police.

Here I was surrounded by two officers and the Blogger arm in a sling….yes…it’s very rough to be a blogger in Fredericton!!! It would have been a great picture.

I was escorted to the main entrance so they can take my information.

Afterwards….the female cop had a phone call that the Police contacted Steven Foulds.

A senior Citizen recognized me and began asking – What’s going on here?? What’s wrong???

The cop quickly stopped her and said – He’s under arrest therefore he can’t talk to nobody!!!!

Another cop went to the lady and said- WHAT’S YOUR NAME???

She said- That’s none of your business!!!!

Gestapo style of technique AGAIN??? Reminded me when they raided my place in January and demanded that I tell them the name of my supporters of the blog!!!!

KGB style of policing???


Crazy time!!!!

I was outside talking to my lawyer with a phone that was borrowed from the hospital staff…. The phone went dead and there was no communications.

I noticed two other security guards joined the fray. Why would I be surrounded by all this security????

I reminded the cops that I won’t do nothing stupid and try to run away because the Mental Ward is just an elevator away!!! They might escort me in there and that would be the end of this Blogger!!!

I was escorted to a back room in the hospital and the waiting game began.

I could tell the female cop was getting impatience. She still had in her hand the release papers in hands.

I taught those papers was still at the station.

After 20 minutes she said – Mr.LeBlanc? Sign those papers and she can talk to your friend in the Lobby.

I once again told her that I wouldn’t sign papers that stops me from covering protest at the New Brunswick Legislature.

She raised her voice and suggested that we could be in the hospital for 6 to 8 hours!!!!

I said to myself I rather be here than a Jail Cell…Plus I knew that my shoulder snap at the Legislature and I had to get a doctor advice.

My medications would be helpful because I knew that I was going to be in Saint John for a few days.

The medical Staff at the Saint John are very well known to cut prescription drugs to inmates!!!


20 minutes later, The female cop came with a good working phone and my lawyer was on the other end.

After chatting for a few minutes with two cops closely watching me close-by so there was no privacy!!!

The cop asked – Now? Are you going to sign those papers???

I told the two cops that I want one individual to contact me.

I mentioned the name and they said – He’s not a lawyer so therefore he can’t call you!!!

I said – Fine!!! I guess we’re going to be here for a long time.

You could tell they were very upset of being at the hospital in the first place.

I was in this room and fell asleep for a very short period. I tried to redo the whole confrontation at the Legislature and I couldn’t recall of assaulting anyone.

45 minutes later, a Police officer came in and told me that my no lawyer friend was on the phone.

I sorta got a little emotional when I heard his voice…:(

He told me that I am no good in jail and I should sign those papers. I would be able to fight this issue in the courts.

I thanked the guy and told the cops that I would signed the papers with conditions.

The cops were happy and quickly left the hospital…MY GOD IT WAS ALMOST QUITTING TIME!!!…:P

A supporter saw me and bought me lunch!!

I now been in the hospital for hours. It was 6:00pm and I decided to watch the News on television. The story was on all the News Channels.

I wasn’t happy because the public is going to begin to hate my name.

I noticed two cops arriving at the Hospital and they asked the nurse- Where’s Bussieres???

Here’s one –

The other –


I said – Bussieres????

Is he here??? Is he talking to the Doctors to place me in a mental ward???

Why is Bussieres at the hospital????

So the people at the Emergency room were bored and they began asking me questions about my arrest?

I began to denounce Bussieres and the Cops…yak ..yak..yak..yak……finally my name was announced!!

I stood up and said – Great!!! I was driving these people crazy with my stories!!!!


In the room I got and one and a half hour later…a doctor saw me and we made some exercise. Nothing broken…just a pull muscle and out the door I went!!!

It didn’t take long for a stranger to pick me off some the streets and drove me downtown.

So…that’s the story and someone told me on the streets that Dan Bussieres took a stroke or something like that!!! Than it hit me!!!! That’s why the Cops asked for Bussieres???

Will Dan Bussieres order the police to charge me with attempt murder for his bad heart???

So Dan Bussieres took a heart attack?? Dizzy spell???? Is this true??? Media should investigate this???

Maybe that’s the reason he ordered the security after me because he wasn’t his normal self????

Who knows what’s going to happen in this case. I know for a fact that I never assaulted anybody!!!

If I would have taken a swing? He would have known that he was assaulted!!! These charges were dropped by the Crown in 2009 but this time it’s a total different Ballgame because the Prosecutor have a private vendetta against me!!!


The Minister of Justice must take this file immediately and give it to a Police Force outside of the Province.

What’s going to happen next??? God only knows!!!

I apologized to my supporters that this happened but for once I wasn’t doing anything wrong…..

The police have my camera, computer and Blowhorn!!!…I guess I’m finally silent!!!!