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I forgot to blog this funny little story which happen a few weeks ago at the New Brunswick Legislature.

I was near a Commissionaire when I heard on the radio – The clown is in front of the Legislature!!!


I said to myself – That’s funny? I’m not there!!!

Then just like lighting? IT HIT ME!!!

I said – Clown???? My God????

I quickly ran towards the Legislature.

I noticed one Commissionaire running towards the same direction but just like I roadrunner? I quickly ran right by the guy and made in front of the Legislature. Hey? At 47, I still can run fast!!!


I turned my eyes on the front steps and sure enough!!! There he was!!!


His name is George.

I first met the guy last year and we got a different style when he comes to protesting!…lol

This guy will stand in the Legislature with a clown nose on his face or play a guitar uptown.

Dan Bussieres had him ban from the Legislature and he has been a very upset little clown ever since.

Dan Bussieres

So there he was making a big speech.


Since Quebecois Dan Bussieres said that I would be charge with assault if I walked on the sidewalk?


I said to myself – Hey? This is a story and if the Commissionaires attacks the Clown and I was the only guy in the area taking pictures?

I would have the pictures as evidence.

Just like in Saint John with Atlantica? I was the first one in the area and I had all the evidence on camera if someone was assaulted.


I’m a blogger and that’s my job!!!

I quickly noticed the clown heading towards me with the three Commissionaires escorting the guy from the grounds of the Legislature.

IMG_9859IMG_9860IMG_9861IMG_9863IMG_9864IMG_9865IMG_9866<img src="http://static.flickr.com/85/244119677_c65c8b2f95.jpg" IMG_9868IMG_9869IMG_9870<img src="http://static.flickr.com/91/244125284_f655e05af2.jpg"

I just kept on taking pictures. This was great!!! The clown smiled for the camera and did a little showcase for the security staff.


Then he quickly ran towards the Legislature.

<img src="http://static.flickr.com/88/244125288_df7b87bcee.jpg" IMG_9875IMG_9876IMG_9877IMG_9878

I continued clicking away because a person never knows when the assault could happen?

There’s a clown out of control in front of the Legislature and this is news!!!…lol..

Yvon LeBlanc tapped me on the shoulder and in a polite way said – Come on Charles? You know you are not allowed here?

THREE<img src="http://static.flickr.com/59/244132779_40938fe8e6.jpg"IMG_9884

I quickly told the Acadian Commissionaire while clicking away – Don’t touch me!! I’m a blogger!!!

He insisted that I leave and at the end I told Yvon to call the Police if he doesn’t want me around???

If it wasn’t for my trial in Saint John? I would have joined the Clown on the front steps but I can’t do much till after November 2nd!

The clown decided to make a run towards the Legislature.


The Clown decided that he had enough and went home.


Once the action was done, I decided to have some fun. I knew that the Quebec Security Staff had their video camera zoom on me.

I told Yvon there were no hard feelings and offer to shake his hand but he wouldn’t.

All the security staff had orders from Quebecois Dan Bussieres that if they talk to me? They would be fired right on the spot!!!


I went home and had a good chuckles over the pictures.

Clowns inside the Legislature and a clown outside!!

Lots of action in the Capital and one thing is guaranteed?

You will not see stories like this one in the Irving Papers!!! ….lol…..